How to BBQ Right – 10 Minute Tips For Cooking Burgers and Other Meat Burgers

Jacob and special guest Malcolm Reed from How to BBQ Right join Jacob to talk about: BBQ Ingredients, The BBQ Sauce Experiment, Tips, Tricks & Techniques for winning. In this episode, Jacob talks about his childhood memories of camping, how it relates to being a better chef/owner, the difference between BBQ joints and barbeque pits, and tips for serving BBQ on a platter and a bar. Then Jacob shares his best BBQ sauces of all time, as well as his top pick on the best condiments and seasoning to put on any BBQ dish. What a great conversation this one had. Enjoy this fun discussion. Music credit: “Tales From The West End” by Mark Linn-Baker.


Today in this installment of How To BBQ Right, Jacob speaks with: Dave Brubeck of Dave’s BBQ and Big Daddy’s Barbecue, about charcoal bbq, which is a style of barbecuing that started back in the 1930s. He talks about the history of charcoal bbq, why charcoal makes such a great barbecue fuel, how you can make your own “bone dry” bbq sauce, and of course what kind of smoker you need to go with it. Also included are some great suggestions for summer barbecues. Happy Eating.


In our second segment of How to BBQ Right, Jacob speaks with: Kevin Forde of The Great Barbecue Meal and coauthor of the book On Barbecuing: The Art of the Sizzlin’ Grill, about grilling in general and his particular take on barbecues. They go into some more detail on grilling techniques including how to light a gas barbeque and how to best use sauces with barbecue. There are some good suggestions for summer barbecues and tips for summertime BBQ parties. A really fun read with lots of practical tips and recipes. Something you will enjoy.


In the third segment of How to BBQ Right, Jacob speaks with: Mike Knowles who is the Executive Chef at Bon Appetite, an outdoor restaurant in Manhattan Beach. He does a terrific job of explaining how to grill hamburgers and hotdogs and how to do both. He even suggests grilling corn on the cob as an alternative to steaks. If you love steaks, this is a must-read. The short tips he gives include keeping the grill hot, using seasonings sparingly, and marinating the meat for maximum taste.


The fourth and final installment of How to BBQ Right takes a closer look at grilling hot dogs. Jacob again goes over the fundamentals of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs but this time talks more about grilling bits. I especially enjoyed the section on grilling and why it’s important to use seasonings sparingly. I agree with him that cooking hamburgers and hot dogs without salt add too much flavor but the dish still needs the right amount of vinegar and spice to add zip and zing. I’m also finding out that a marinade works wonders on grilled meat.


The fifth and final installment of How to BBQ Right takes a look at charcoal bbq. Jacob again recommends using a good bbq sauce and spice rub along with the grill. I have to admit that I usually go out and buy my bbq sauce from a gourmet store but I think these kits are cheap and don’t always come with the right amount of spice and seasoning. My advice is to make your own. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can save money.


The tenth and final installment of How to BBQ Right has some very simple instructions for cooking some steaks. Jacob says to cook the steaks on each side until they are almost done and then finish them in the oven. This isn’t the most exciting way how to BBQ right it is a fast way to get the meat to seal in some juices and don’t forget to put the lid open.


As for the burgers, Jacob again says to cook them on each side until they are almost done but to let them sit for about half an hour first. This allows the juices to get to the meat better and also gives the meat a chance to get cooked thoroughly. When you are done, he says to flip and cooks the other side. That’s all there is to cooking, good Southern BBQ for a crowd.