How to Clean a BBQ Grill

how to clean bbq grill

How to clean a BBQ Grill starts with removing the cooking grates and plates, start with BBQ cleaning using only the grill brush to get rid of burnt-on food, marinades, and sauces. Clean grates and plates with BBQ cleaner and then rinse or place in your dishwasher. Be careful using stainless steel, since it can easily scratch. The best way to properly clean a BBQ Grill is simple way. Use only a sponge and mild soap, rinse well and allow to dry.

The easiest way to get a BBQ Grill clean is through a warm soapy water solution. Use a plastic bucket to soak the grates and plates, but make sure it is not too hot to touch or burn yourself. Rinse the entire grill and then repeat with warm water. It is best to have two buckets depending on the number of BBQ grates and plates you need to be cleaned.

The third step is rinsing. When you are done cleaning the grill, take it off, setting the plate down first. You will then want to take the high-temperature steel brush and scrubbing pad and begin to rub the rust off the metal plate, starting from the edge to the center. You will find that the biggest areas of rust will be near the knobs and where the bar touches the grill. Continue doing this until all of the rust is removed. At this point, you will want to check for any drips or puddles and if there is any rust left over, pour some more hot water onto the area, making sure the water comes completely out before placing the plate back on the grill.

Next, you will want to coat the grill with oil, such as steak rub or bbq sauce. This is necessary to make sure the bbq stays well protected from rust. Be sure not to use mineral oil, though, because it will not stick to the metal, but rather drip off. If you do use mineral oil, make sure the bbq sauce you buy contains borax, a natural ingredient that keeps the BBQ sauce moist and helps it adhere to the metal better.

After coating the outside with oil and leaving it overnight, you can clean the inside of the box by using paper towels or a vacuum cleaner. This part is essential because excess grease and food that get into the cracks and crevices of the grill will build up and create more problems, particularly with a rotisserie system. If possible, try to remove as much excess grease as possible, but if this is not possible you should still attempt to get as much out of the grill. For the small amount of grease that is left, you can use vegetable oil or baby oil to wipe it down and then use paper towels to dry it off in the open air.

After cleaning the bbq with paper towels and removing any excess food that was left on the grill, you should remove any excess fat, grease, and other materials from the surface. These items are actually very difficult to remove without damaging the metal. Some people elect to use hot plates to do this job, but these may overheat the metal and actually cause rust. Instead, use a cold plate or place the bbq directly onto a hard surface, like a countertop, to remove the food from the surface and heat it up before removing it.

Some people also use a blow torch to remove excess grease, but this should only be done if you are comfortable with potentially damaging the box and the setting of the flame. If you have never used a blow torch before it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to use one because of the potential danger involved. If you must, use a brush and hot pad to do the work instead. Either way, you should keep the flame low so as not to overheat the piece.

There are some additional steps to take if you want to learn how to clean BBQ grills. The first step is to remove the cooking utensils from the grill, including the cooking utensil racks. Next, you need to remove the ash that is stuck in the charcoal grate. You can either use a shovel or a brush to do this next step, but I prefer using a blow torch to remove the ash because it leaves a nice shiny finish.