How to BBQ Steak – 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Cooking Meat?

how to bbq steak

How to BBQ Steak – 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Cooking Meat?

There are many different ways to prepare BBQ steak, but if you want a great smokey, juicy taste in your food, there is only one way that works and that is the dry rub. If you really want to know how to BBQ steak, then you need to learn about the dry rub. The rub is a secret that should not be overlooked. It gives your BBQ steak an intense smokey flavor that will knock your meal up a notch or two! Let’s take a closer look at how to make that perfect dry rub for your BBQ steak.

The secret to learning how to BBQ steaks starts with picking out a quality grade and cut of meat to begin with. You may be tempted to go with the cheapest steak you can find at the grocery store, but this usually won’t do your cooking justice. Instead, shop for high quality, low fat, white meat with lots of marbling throughout it. This will give you the most authentic tasting beef possible and will take longer to cook than fatty cuts like flank steak or skirt steak. For some recipes, you may even want to soak your steaks overnight in water in order to tenderize them enough for grilling.

Also, be sure that you choose a cut of meat that can be cooked quickly on the grill. One of the best ways to judge the heat of any particular cut of meat is to put it on the grill for only a few minutes at a time. Once you’ve done that, take it off and add a good sprinkling of sauce (or your own dry rub) to bring out the natural juices inside. Then you’re ready to start cooking!

One of the best parts of BBQ is the fact that it’s very portable. Most people I know like to bring a couple of bottles of their favorite brand of barbecue sauce with them to the barbeque, so having a portable grill that you can quickly and easily set up is a real plus. If you don’t already have one, however, I encourage you to invest in one as soon as possible. The benefits of owning a portable barbecue grill far outweigh the costs.

For me, the single best thing about charcoal bbq is how easy they are to cook. The heat from the charcoal bbq has a tendency to sear the meat before it gets too dark, which is just the way I like my ribs. Of course, you can always leave them on the grill for as long as you’d like. Just be prepared for a more intense barbecue taste. The longer you leave your charcoal bbq on, the more piquant the taste.

Another great thing about charcoal bbq is that it takes longer to properly grill steaks. Even after leaving them on the grill for an hour or two, some steak will tend to close up. Some people even suggest that you should let them sit overnight to let the juices inside the meat settle. This is not only a good idea for taste, but it also allows the steaks to come out moist but not dry, which is a good sign that they’re doing.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to BBQ steak is using a thermometer. They either try to guess the internal temperature or they go and buy a cheap digital thermometer from Walmart or Target. What you really need to do is get yourself a good digital thermometer that is very accurate. When you compare a cheap thermometer to a high quality infrared thermometer, the difference between them is like night and day.

The third mistake that you can make when grilling steak is overusing the barbecue sauce. While barbecue sauce goes great on beef and other grilled meat, it really doesn’t have any real flavor if its just being used on a burger or steak. To get some serious flavoring into your steaks, try using a marinade. There are many recipes out there that will give you a nice amount of marinade without any extra cooking time. By using this method, you’ll find that your how to bbq steak is done fast and easy and will be cooked uniformly throughout.