How To BBQ Chicken Breast – A Quick And Easy Recipe

How to BBQ chicken breast? Chicken breasts are lean, small pieces of chicken that are cooked quickly and then frozen or smoked. They are very flavorful and easy to grill. If you’re trying to decide how to BBQ chicken breast, you need to take a moment to get familiar with this healthy poultry.

how to bbq chicken breast

Chickens have two types of fat. The first is called omega-3 fat. This kind of fat helps your body produce vitamin D and helps your heart. It is the best source of vitamin A, D, and E and has been shown to help prevent heart disease, certain cancers, and stroke. While this fat is found in oily fish like mackerel and trout, it’s more commonly found in organ meats like chicken and turkey.

Next, there’s a bad kind of fat. This kind of fat can shorten your lifespan and your health. Unsaturated fats are considered bad for you and raise your LDL cholesterol count, which is considered an indicator of heart disease. Saturated fats are what we find in butter, margarine, and pastries and it raises blood LDL cholesterol counts. So while a partially hydrogenated oil like sunflower or soybean oil may be lower in calories and not as bad for you, it is still bad for you.

So now we have the question of how to BBQ chicken breast. To BBQ chicken breast, you want to make sure that it is very dry, so let it sit outside on the grill for a while until it is almost done. Don’t open the boneless, skinless breasts until they are about halfway done. Turn them over, so they are completely dry, but try to keep them in the coolers or refrigerators at room temperature for several hours before you use them. Keep them in a basting agent if you need to hold onto the moisture.

How to BBQ chicken breast on a smoker should go something like this: you should get a couple of good big cast iron barbecue skewer bones; about six inches in length, and about four to five inches in diameter. Set up your barbecue skewer by fitting the bone in the middle of the skewer and then lay a skewer basket underneath. Place the chicken breast into the skewer and make sure it is snug. Close the lid of the basket and turn the knob to lock in the heat. Thebonfire will cook the meat to perfection, but won’t smoke if the lid isn’t closed properly.

Once the meat has finished cooking, remove it from the grill and allow to rest. Depending on how the meat is going to be cooked, this could take anywhere from one to two days. If you are planning on using it soon, however, you may want to marinate the chicken breast overnight in water. This will help the marinade develop and give the meat that extra flavor and moisten. After the overnight marinating, use your aluminum foil to cover the top of the meat for an even cooking, then allow to sit for the first hour or so.

For the second part of how to BBQ chicken breast, you will be ready for the final step, which involves assembling the finished product. With your marinated and greased piece of meat in place, pull the foil over the top to seal in the juices, then cut off the excess wrapping. Place the piece of chicken breast on a basting brush with the marinade and rub the entire surface of the meat with your barbecue sauce. If there is any grime you can wipe it with a wire brush before placing on the grill. Just as the first part did, this step will require some time.

When your chicken breast has finished cooking, remove it from the grill and allow to cool for about an hour. Unwrap, wipe the grill with barbecue sauce and allow to cool further before assembling. You may want to set aside the outdoor barbecue set you used in the how to BBQ chicken breast recipe to help make things easier. With everything pre-assembled you are ready to begin enjoying your first barbecue of the summer! Happy cooking!