How Long to BBQ Chicken Thighs?

how long to bbq chicken thighs

How Long to BBQ Chicken Thighs?

How long should you grill your chicken thighs? It depends on a number of factors. They include how thick they are and if they’ve been marinated already. Let’s take a look at these issues and see what we can do to answer the question.

Thickness refers to how meatier they are. For example, the skin on a chicken breast is very thick, compared to the skin on a thin, cut thigh. So in this case we would expect that to be cooked more quickly. Chicken breasts or thighs should be grilled to get a good result, not raw. You need a good dry rub to add flavor and moisture to the meat.

I tend to stay away from barbequed chicken when making recipes for BBQ chicken thighs. Barbeque chicken is directly exposed to direct heat from the grill. My preference is indirect heat from a smoker. If you’re not going to use a smoker, try to grill the chicken breasts on a hot grill with a stick of butter over it. This method produces a lot of smoke. Add a little oil to the coals of the grill and turn the heat to medium high to burn off some of the grease.

The next issue is whether you need a dry rub or not for your chicken. Depending on how thick you want your chicken to be, you may need a dry rub. A dry rub gives the chicken a nice, natural flavor that goes well with the kind of wood chips and BBQ rubs you’ll be using to finish cooking the chicken in. You can make your own dry rub with ingredients straight from the grocery store.

I find it best to keep the dry rub at a distance from the coals of the grill. It’s also helpful to put a dry rub on the outside of the chicken as well as on the inside, just like you do with basting sauce. Rubbing the outside and inside helps seal in the juices, which are otherwise wasted when the chicken is cooked on the grill. Rubbing the outside also ensures the bird doesn’t touch hot coals, which is a good idea if you’re really concerned about safety.

Let’s assume you have cleaned everything out of the way, and you’re ready to cook. How long to grill a chicken breast depends on how thick it is. Thicker chickens take longer to cook, so keep that in mind when reading the instructions. Also, make sure you leave some room at the top of the chicken, so the moisture won’t be trapped there. Typically a 4 inch cut from the breast should take around one hour to cook, but depending on how thick it is, you could get two or three hours.

You’ll find that the flavors in BBQ chicken come from the marinade, as well as the cooking process. In order to really draw out the flavor, you’ll want to marinate the chicken for at least fifteen minutes. Most people will opt for canned or bottled marinades, but if you have plenty of time, you can create your own. Just add soy sauce, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil to the marinade and let it sit for a couple of days. Then you just add your steak, whatever you’re cooking (loosely chopped meat works great), any vegetables you want (broccoli, cauliflower, onion, celery), seasonings (red pepper flakes, garlic, etc) and you’re all set. marinading gives the chicken an intense, almost piquant flavor that you won’t find in many supermarket chicken recipes.

Obviously we don’t want to cook our chicken breasts in an oven. So how long to bbq chicken thighs do you cook them in? Most people tend to leave the chicken out of the marinade, but not to avoid it being overcooked. Just check the cooking instructions on the back of the package to see how long the chicken should be cooked for. Don’t forget the sides – they’ll be cooked too!