Indulge in BBQ Perfection at When Pigs Fly.

Barbecue, a beloved tradition cherished by people worldwide, offers an irresistible taste. From juicy brisket to flavorful pulled pork, barbecue has grown in popularity, with a new generation of pitmasters pushing the limits of this age-old cooking method. Enter When Pigs Fly BBQ is a popular eatery with a devout following for its unique take on traditional barbecue. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of When Pigs Fly BBQ and explore the art of barbecue.

The Legacy of When Pigs Fly BBQ

Founded in 2013 by pitmaster Johnny Trigg, a BBQ world champion and renowned pitmaster, When Pigs Fly BBQ has made its mark in the barbecue world. Trigg, known for his exceptional cooking style, uses a custom-built smoker named “The Godfather,” which he designed himself. This massive smoker, weighing over 1,000 pounds and made from ΒΌ inch steel, features a built-in computer that regulates temperature and smoke output to ensure perfectly cooked meat every time.

Trigg’s love for barbecue began in the 1980s with his participation in local BBQ contests, which soon led him to become a sought-after pitmaster, winning numerous awards and accolades for his cooking. In 2013, he decided to bring his passion to life by opening his restaurant, and When Pigs Fly BBQ was born.

The Delectable Menu at When Pigs Fly BBQ

Pigs Fly BBQ stands out with its unique take on traditional barbecue, offering a wide range of meats, including brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, and sausage, all slow-cooked to perfection in The Godfather smoker. The “Flyin’ Pig” sandwich, made with pulled pork, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce on a brioche bun, is a signature dish, while the “Big Daddy” platter, including brisket, pork ribs, and sausage, served with sides like mac and cheese and baked beans, is another crowd-pleaser.

When Pigs Fly BBQ also sets itself apart by using wood chips. Trigg uses a blend of apple and cherry wood instead of traditional hickory or mesquite, adding a unique flavor to the meat, and his in-house made rubs and sauces are seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices.

The Memorable Experience at When Pigs Fly BBQ

Walking into When Pigs Fly BBQ, you’re greeted by the irresistible aroma of wood smoke and the sound of sizzling meat. With its rustic feel, wooden tables and chairs, and pig-themed art on the walls, the restaurant has a welcoming, down-home atmosphere. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions about the menu or cooking process.

One of the highlights of the When Pigs Flies BBQ experience is observing Trigg and his team at work, as The Godfather smoker is located in the dining room. Watching them load and unload the meat and adjust the temperature and smoke settings is captivating, showcasing their passion for barbecue.

When Pigs Fly BBQ also offers catering services for events big and small, from backyard BBQs to corporate events. They provide a range of options, from drop-off service to full-service catering with on-site cooking, and even bring The Godfather smoker to your event to provide your guests with the same delicious BBQ that has made When Pigs Fly BBQ famous.

The Future of When Pigs Fly BBQ

When Pigs Fly BBQ has already made its mark in the barbecue world, they’re not slowing down. They’re always experimenting with new flavors and techniques, continually improving their menu and customer experience. They have plans to expand even further after opening a second location in Wichita Falls, Texas.

When Pigs Fly, BBQ is a must-visit destination for barbecue enthusiasts or those who love great food. With their unique take on traditional barbecue, expert pitmasters, and commitment to quality and customer service, they are paving the way for the next generation of barbecue restaurants. So, stop by the next time you’re in the area and experience the art of barbecue at When Pigs Fly BBQ.


Q: What is barbecue?
A: Barbecue is a cooking method that involves slow-cooking meat over wood or charcoal, typically seasoned with a dry rub or marinade. The low and slow cooking process results in tender, flavorful meat.
Q: What is a smoker?
A: A smoker is a cooking device used to smoke meat, using wood or charcoal as a fuel source. The smoke infuses the meat with flavor. There are various types of smokers, including offset, vertical, and electric.

Q: What is brisket?
A: Brisket is a cut of beef from the breast of the cow. It’s a tough cut of meat that requires slow cooking to become tender and flavorful and is a popular cut for barbecue, often served sliced or chopped.

Q: What is pulled pork?
A: Pulled pork is a dish from slow-cooked pork shoulder shredded into small pieces. It’s typically seasoned with a dry rub or marinade and served with BBQ sauce and coleslaw.

Q: What is BBQ sauce?
A: BBQ sauce is used to flavor and moisten meat cooked using the barbecue. It’s typically made from a combination of tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, and spices and can be customized with different ingredients to create a variety of flavors.