How Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

does bbq sauce go bad

How Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

You may be wondering what exactly does BBQ sauce do after it’s been made and then stored in a refrigerator for some time? For those of you who aren’t sure, allow me to explain the basic premise behind this product. Think of this as an alcoholic version of Mustard. Because of the alcohol present in BBQ Sauce, it can start to degrade over time, thus creating less-than-pure forms of sauce, such as mustard-style sauces.

So how does BBQ Sauce go bad? The short answer is that it can’t! It’s a natural material, as I said, which comes from fermented tomato products. It can last a long time if kept in the fridge, so if you’re looking to extend its shelf life, store your newly-made sauce in your fridge for up to a month. To further extend its freshness, try using it straight out of the freezer or pickling it and keeping it in the fridge for several days before serving it to your guests.

As far as what it usually smells like, it has a musty, sweet-sour odor that you can hardly distinguish as coming from the tomato sauce at all. That’s why you’ll sometimes see a “brand” of a bottle labeled” Bourbon whiskey” that just happens to have a bottle of” whiskey” in the same can (so there’s more than one type). When opening a bottle of old BBQ Sauce in a new bottle, it usually smells like an apple or an ash tree.

Apart from that, no special cleaning measures need to be done to preserve it. Simply make sure all your utensils aren’t contaminated with oil or any cooking liquid (except those mentioned above) and let the bottle dry out completely. As a general rule, you should wipe your bottle after every time you use it to make sure there won’t be any food or liquid spilled inside it.

Like many condiments, BBQ Sauce will degrade over time when exposed to heat. It will thaw in the refrigerator, but won’t taste its best until it has been a few months in the refrigerator. To prevent this, open your bottle of barbecue sauce and allow it to drain on its own.

To maintain its freshness, you may want to put some ice cubes in your fridge during the cooler season or freeze the sauce in its original bottle for up to a year. Another way of preserving your bbq sauce is to use it right away. Thaw it in a dish pan for a few minutes to bring out its flavor. Don’t try to microwave it or hang it to dry – this could cause it to lose its freshness. Once you’ve used it a few times, just store it in the fridge and reheat it as needed.

Sugar is another big culprit when it comes to causing bbq sauce to go bad. Like vinegar, sugar loses most of its nutritional value when it is exposed to heat or light, so keep a few cups around to be used for baking or sweetening things. If you’re concerned about preservatives, try to buy organic products with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. These products tend to have a longer shelf life than traditional alternatives.

The best way to maintain and increase the shelf life of your BBQ Sauce is to use it in moderation. You can’t expect it to last a lifetime in a jar if you’re only going to buy a little bit at a time. Since you probably have plenty of bottles sitting around in your fridge already, it may take just a few months to break them down enough to make them suitable for use in your cooking. Just make sure to keep them out of the fridge and out of direct sunlight to preserve their freshness.