Grilling 101: What to Bring to a BBQ Party

Wondering what to bring to a BBQ dinner? With my boyfriend’s favorite BBQ recipe, you won’t go wrong! You’ll find 50 of my favorite BBQ side dishes, summer salads, finger food appetizers, and more here. You too can have a great BBQ night here with our delicious recipe. These are just some of our crowd favorites.

what to bring to a bbq

The classic bbq chicken is always a hit. But, I think summer salads with cucumber slices on the side are getting pretty popular too! How simple is that? Coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Why not combine both of these flavors? Awesome, just as good if not better than a traditional BBQ chicken salad.

This is my all-time favorite side dish at my parties. And it’s so simple, yet so yummy. Any time we have guests over, this is what they get. And even better – you don’t need any ingredients to make this salad.

The kids love pasta salad too! And, who doesn’t? It’s easy to make, healthy and the whole family gets in on the action. Serve this pasta salad with some fresh, local veggies. Add any kind of meat you want – chicken, pork, beef – and make sure it’s cooked and not raw.

What to bring to a BBQ dinner? This one is a no-brainer. Ice-cold beer! If you’re having a barbeque in the summer, I would suggest a good, old-fashioned draft beer. Whether you choose locally produced brew or you go all out and go brew your own, either way, it’s always good when you’ve got something cold to enjoy with.

Another great side dish idea is potato salad. I’m from the south, and we never eat white potatoes. We always go for sweet potatoes. This is easy to make, tastes great and it’s colorful. So if you’re bringing this to a barbeque, pass up on the potato salad and go with something more health-conscious – but just as tasty!

Fall is coming – if it’s all you barbeque is going to happen! But if it’s still early summer, your grill may be a bit too cool for your taste. So what to do? Drink some tea, grab an ice-cold beverage, and head to the warmer – what to bring to a BBQ grill? Beer, of course!

A good beer is something you can’t do without at a BBQ. It adds that certain something you need to make your ribs, chicken, or whatever meaty part of the meat you decide to grill taste yummy. If you don’t have a beer, try some fruit juice. If that doesn’t work, a nice wine will do the trick. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a nice cool drink after you’ve spent a long lazy day enjoying the great outdoors!

We’re talking sides now. Did you know you can change a side of ribs into almost any other type of meat in a quick minute? Want barbecue tacos, fish bites, burgers, and veggie sticks? How about pasta? Nachos! What to do about vegetables?

You can do anything from steamed veggies to roasted potatoes to baked sweet potatoes to roasted chicken – all of them are fantastic choices for barbeque. Of course, don’t forget the side of the beans! Nothing is better than fresh beans on top of barbeque. And don’t forget the accompanying salsa – you can do anything from mild to spicier salsa.

As far as snacks go, nothing beats fresh chips. Handfuls of fresh chips on top of barbeque are just plain yummy. But if you’re in the mood for a little healthier food, try the grilled vegetable chips. Not only healthier than fries, but they also have a taste that’s close to the real thing. And with the right side of the ranch, you’ll be close to the real thing as well!

What to bring to a bbq depends on what you’re going to grill. Whether you want ribs, brisket, steak, or pork – there’s something for everyone on the grill. And the best part of it all is that when you’re done, there’s no cleanup involved. Just turn your barbeque into a masterpiece with what to grill and what to drink! Happy barbecuing!